Branded Graphics & Wraps for Commercial Fleets

  • A semi-truck, trailer and wind skirts can generate over 11 million impressions each year.  Semi-truck and trailer wrap advertising can be some of the most creative, and dynamic graphics on the road today. Your consumers are already out there right next to you on the road, let us help you leverage the situation by connecting you with them through custom messaging with a trailer and wind skirt wrap.
  • Outfit your vehicles and fleets of any size or shape and expose new local and national audiences to enticing messages along America’s freeways, highways, and backroads. Mobile Graphics wraps trucks, trailers and wind skirts with creative, dynamic advertising that gains attention and keeps your brand top-of-mind. 


  • Fleet customers seeking distribution have a new friend. MHA is part of dakdan worldwide and our sister companies can provide a wealth of new programs for Fleet customers
  • MHA Can Provide Distribution Assistance With Sporting Venues, Truck Stops, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Zoo’s, Hardware Stores & Medical Facilities
  • Slotting Fees Can Be Waived
  • In Store Displays With Full Creative Services
  • Sports Licensing partnership and more

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