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Top 250 DMA's have full Coverage

Mobile Hwy Advertising Media Network provides a cost effective Worldwide advertising medium using Semi Tractor Trailer and ECO Friendly Wind Skirts.

  • 9 Regions
  • Full Printing Capabilities
  • In-house Art Department
  • Full Color Graphics
  • UV stable inks

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  • 21,000+ Trucks/Trailers in Network
  • 1,000+ Truck Stops in Network
  • 50+ Nationwide Service Centers
  • Smart Count, GPS POP Tracking
  • 3,000 Master Certified Installers
  • Two Printing Plants
  • Change Ads Anytime
  • Eye Level advertising

Why Mobile Hwy Ads is the best?

Advertising Placement.

Mobile Hwy Ads Brand Advertising Placement Program creates a marvelous strategic partnership between Mobile Hwy Advertising, Advertising Brand Marketers and the specific Trucking Fleets. The program contractually enables Advertising Brands to expand its advertising onto American's highways and cities with no ongoing investment and gain the extraordinary benefits of the lowest CPM in the out of home space. Giving Brands access to traveling consumers and trucking fleet valuable Media Assets.

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About us

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Mobile Hwy Advertising provides a cost effective Nationwide advertising medium using Semi Tractor Trailer Wind Skirts. These eco friendly wind skirts have a fuel saving range of 6-9%. There are over 3.5 million Semi tractor trailer in the US alone.

Mobile Hwy Advertising Company •81,000 Trucks/Trailers in Network •3,000 Master Certified Installers •50 Plus Nationwide Service Centers •Two Printing Plants •Reaching the Top 250 DMA’s •Smart Count, GPS POP Tracking and Reporting •Daily Inspections •Eye Level CPM Under $1.00 The lower sides of semi tractor trailers offer advertisers "Wind Skirts" 30 inches by 22 foot eye level billboards. Full Tractor Trailer Graphics are available for Corporate or Advertisers.

For decades people have notice words and pictures on truck fleet vehicles. According to a survey by the American Trucking Association ninety-six percent said truck-side ads have more impact than those on a static billboard. Truckers today travel billion of miles each year, every mile they travel equates to 1.35 persons see that tractor trailer, there the possible of people trillions seeing a branded message


Mobile Hwy Advertising strives is to run a profitable operation, which typically means increasing revenue while limiting expenses.

Customer Service

Customer service goals are to develop a company that is easy to do business with or to improve your response time to customer concerns and growth.


Mobile Hwy Advertising is consistently developing and implement a training programs for employees that put our customers first. Our goal is to maintain a 100% client retention.


Mobile Hwy Advertising goal is to be to become more efficient in our business operation as a way to increase productivity. To improve efficiency, we consistently challenge our salespeople and staff to improve their customer service skills.


Mobile Hwy Advertising goal is to assist out clients in the growth of their business through creative advertising, this allows Mobile Hwy Advertising to grow along side of out customers.

Printing/Shipping Installation Media Cost Media Tracking
Top 10 DMA's Statewide Regional National
included included included included
Price per year Price per Truck Price per Trailer Both Sides
One Price All Elements All Services $10-12K per year

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21,000 Trucks/Trailers in Network 1,000+ Truck Stops in Network 3,000 Master Certified Installers 50 Plus Nationwide Service Centers Two Printing Plants